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Black Sheriff

Black Sheriff Are the Irish/German rock foundation!

Black Sheriff have been kickin ass around europe since 2007.
On the spot rhythms with double lead guitars is a hell of a reminder
of bands like thin lizzy or acdc but with the punk rock attitude of bands
like airbourne, gluecifer or turbonegro.

U never know where these guys are gonna be on stage, if they ever decide
to stay on the stage!

No bar is safe, no scaffolding unclimbed, these guys will give you the rock show
you´ve always wanted and more!

Their third album "Night Terrors" is to be released on Rookie Records on the 9th of November 2012
and its definitely their crowning glory!

No bar is too small, no festival too big, its all about giving the people what they wanna see,
if 2 people show up, they paid they´re dues and are gonna get exactly the same show that
2000 people are gonna get!

So let these guys in, you wont regret it, you´ll want them back every time!

Turn Me On
Night Terrors