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Golden Helmets

„In a club at night circumstances change. Everthing’s different.“ – A good old wisdom.

Five yobs, driven by their very own „Mission from God“, can’t help but keeping this wisdom alive.
Early they’ve got hooked up with garagepunk by playing in bands like Cave 4, CURLEE WURLEE, DIRTSHAKES, BATTLEDYKES and THE SHELLS.

No matter which country, city or venue – this mission is law and the method is easy, loud and simple: Farfisa-driven 60’ies punk n’ garage-rock combined with a little Northern Soul!
And there’s just one rule a wild show by The Golden Helmets is based on: They don’t eat no honey, they’re chewing whole bees. In the last couple of years there have been lots of bands the Golden Helmets have shared stages with:
New Bomb Turks, The Boonaraaas, Jay Reatard, The Fuzztones, Hara- Kee- Rees, The Kids, Turbonegro, The Bellrays, The Avengers, Hipbone Slim. Just to name a few...

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